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Opening roller for Semi OE ( Made in China )

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Product Detail:
Product Code:    trsa002
Country of Origin:    China
Product Brand:    Cayotec
Machine Brands:    Rieter, Saurer, Rifa,Taitan
Machine Type:    BD, BDA, BT902, BT903, BT904, BT905, R923, BT923, BT924, R35, R36; BD320, BD360, BD480, etc.
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity:    100pcs
Price:    US10~100/pc
   (This price is for reference only. If you want to order,a formal quotation will be provided based on the exchange rate and the purchase quantity.)
Packaging Detail:    Styrofoam pack+carton+wooden case
Delivery Time:    5-15 working days
Payment Terms: Click Here
Supply Ability:    10000pcs per month
Product Type:    C40D,C61D,C74D,C21D; OK40DN,OK61DN,OK74DN,OS21DN,etc
Application Range:    Semi opening end machine, OE, rotor spinning
Advantage:    Long life time, low power consumption, keep clean on PES
Note:    Our products are supplied to Saurer and Rieter, and also Rifa and Titan are equiped our products. We have more than 10 years experience in this field with good reputation.

For our better quotation, please send the following information:
No. Items Examples
1 Openning roller type C74-DN-64
2 Wire type OK74
3 Complete or body body

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